Makeup and Styling Tips You Wish Knew Earlier

Only women who love makeup would understand how much crucial it is for them to get the winged eyeliner right or to make the perfect contouring. Makeup is indeed an art and if you want to nail every look, you need to learn and practice well. Every girl, needs to admit this that putting on makeup especially when you’re in a hurry can be a cumbersome task. The winged eyeliner may not come perfect, the eye shadow can refuse to blend and you might end up looking like a complete mess. So, for the busy girl that you are, here are few makeup tips you wish you knew earlier:

1. Use plastic spoon while applying mascara. It will help you to apply the mascara evenly with out clumping and there will be zero chances of your mascara getting transferred to the skin under your eyes, thus giving you perfect lashes.

2. To nail that perfect cat eyes, try the scotch tape technique. Apply a strip of the scotch tape from the outer corner of the eye to the end so as it makes a 90 degree angle. Apply liner along the edge of the line and remove the tape. You will get a perfected winged liner. You can also apply eye shadow in this technique for a seamless look.

3. When the mascara begins to dry out, it forms ugly lumps every time we try to apply it. When you are in a hurry and have no time to get another mascara, just use this trick: Apply few drops of eye drops in to the tube of mascara and rub the wand inside it and you’re mascara will be usable again.

4. Make your eyes appear bigger by tight lining the eyes with a white liner and then applying a black eyeliner underneath.

5. To make your eye shadow look visible you should always use a primer. But what can you do if you run out of an eye primer? Just apply a white eyeliner on your eyelids followed by applying your favorite eye shadow and make it pop.

6. Heat your eyelash curler with a hair dryer for faster curl and longer stay.

Now that you are aware of the makeup tips you wish you knew earlier, get ready to experiment and do not worry about messing up your makeup even on a busy day. Go ahead and doll up the way you want!