SeniorMania’s Top 15 Ways To Save in 2018

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SeniorMania Proudly Presents: the Top 15 Ways You Can Save A Small Fortune in 2018!

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Some people say we’re in a booming economy, but if that’s true, why are we continually trying to clip a buck here and there? It’s because deep at heart, saving money makes us feel good inside. There’s nothing wrong with being a penny pincher, and SeniorMania was designed for those who want to pinch more than a simple penny. These 15 “Stellar Savings” tips are what we feel are the easiest, fastest, and most rewarding ways to save for 2018. Enjoy!


#1. This quick HARP Survey could save you Thousands! HARP’s Been Extended to 2018 – There’s Still Time to Save!

There is a very simple way to get started to find out if you can save money on your housing options each month: HARP Survey. HARP Survey is a free, no-obligation service and is designed to help middle-class homeowners take advantage of housing programs they may not be aware of. If you own a home and are thinking about your mortgage options – there is nothing to lose and you’ll be surprised to learn what options are available that were kept hidden from you.

You Could Save Thousands – Gov’t HARP Program Extended to 2018 – Apply Here >>

#2. A Reverse Mortgage could help with your Debt – Get A Free* Guide

What are the Benefits of a Reverse Mortgage?
-The cash you receive is tax-free!
-Your heirs are not liable if payoff balance exceeds home value
-You still own and maintain title of your home
-You may Live in the home without mortgage payments
-You may Receive funds in a lump sum, monthly, or as a line of credit
-New protections for you were added in 2014
-Will not affect your social security
-Your heirs inherit any equity remaining after paying off the reverse mortgage
-Insured by the Federal Government

Qualify for a Reverse Mortgage Here >>

#3. You Might Save (Potentially) Thousands On A Simple Home Warranty Plan

What is a Home Warranty? A home warranty is a service contract that covers the repair or replacement of many of the most frequently occurring breakdowns of home systems components and appliances. This could include your air conditioner, oven, washer, and more. Why do you need it and how can it save you money? Home insurance doesn’t always cover the inevitable breakdowns of home systems and appliances. A home warranty can protect your budget from unexpected covered repair or replacement costs.

Avoid the hassles of home repair with American Home Shield, Start Here >>

#4. Take Surveys. Get Paid. (Really!)

Companies like Survey Junkie offer an online community with over 3 million members dedicated to making your voice heard. They open the window of communication between you and the brands you love. Their motto is, “See your opinions and suggestions reflected in the products and services of tomorrow.” Once you sign up, you simply complete profiles to get matching surveys sent to you. Earn points by completing the surveys on your own time, and then redeem your points for cash via PayPal or e-GiftCards. It’s really that easy!

Get Paid For Taking Surveys – Learn More Here! >>


#5. Does The U.S. Government Owe You Any Money? You’d Be Surprised! Find Out Here.

Are You Owed Money? Find unclaimed funds held by the government that might be owed to you with this nifty program. Explore free, official sources to identify unclaimed assets. Using their system, they will will help you search for unclaimed money and property in states where you have lived. Some examples include refunds from FHA-insured mortgages, back wages, pension money, life insurance funds, and more!

Find Unclaimed Money The Government May Owe You Here >>


#6. Get Rid of Costly Repairs with Auto Coverage – Up To 60%

Is your car under warranty? Unexpected repairs without warranty can cost you thousands of dollars as your vehicle gets older. Extending your car warranty today could help you save thousands on repair costs tomorrow. Companies like ExtendedWarrantyNow may help you save a fortune on car repairs by finding the most affordable warranty plan for your vehicle today.

Get Rid of Costly Auto Repairs with New Extended Warranty Here! >>


#7. Drivers who switched to Liberty Mutual saved an average of $509!

With Liberty Mutual Deductible Fund®, you can save on your potential out-of-pocket costs year after year by contributing money towards your deductible. Even better? Liberty Mutual will contribute to your fund as well — helping you save money for when you need it. Like an old fashioned piggy bank, the Liberty Mutual Deductible Fund allows you to save money towards your deductible for as long as it’s included on your policy. Not only that, Liberty Mutual will contribute to your fund as well — helping you save money for when you need it most!

Get Your Custom Liberty Mutual Quote Here And Save! >>


#8. Veterans Don’t Need 20% Down! Qualify for a VA Home Loan for Reduced Interest Rates & Fees!

Have you served in the military? If so, did you know you may be able to:
-Buy A Home with $0 Down
-Refi to Lower Monthly Payments
-Pay-Off Higher Rate Balances
-Lock in a Low Rate

Qualify and Save with VA Home Loan Options Here >>



#9. Bad Credit? Lexington Law Has The Tools To Fix It

Talking to a credit professional about how to fix certain unfair negative items on your credit report can ultimately save you the most money, more than any deal on this page. Lexington Law has helped many people remove millions of unfair negative items, including Collections, Late Payments, Charge Offs, Judgments, Bankruptcies, Repossessions, Foreclosures, and more. Plus, they will start off by giving you a free credit report and credit consultation.

Get Credit Healthy Again – Start Here >>


#10. Save Up To $400 A Year or More on Batteries

The EZ Battery Reconditioning™ course is the easy to follow, step-by-step system to recondition all kinds of old batteries with just simple supplies you probably already have in your home. The course is made up of step-by-step guides that show you how to recondition each type of battery. And each guide is full of pictures and diagrams so you not only read exactly what to do…you see exactly what to do as well! And it doesn’t matter if you’re not technical or don’t know the first thing about batteries… because the course is incredibly easy to follow and absolutely anybody can use it.

Join The Over 19,000 Other People Who Already Have Learned How To Recondition Their Batteries Here >>


#11. Portable Air Conditioner Units – Save Hundred$ This Summer!

It’s all the rage this Summer: Portable Air-Condition Units. Why? (1) They’re super cheap (2) They can be carried with you from room to room (3) Did we happen to mention you’ll save HUNDREDS of dollars off normal home air conditioning costs with these in place? This compact, robust little device plugs directly into a wall socket or USB port to provide instant cool air. Even comes with a night light for use in the bedroom! Read all the positive reviews, if you still aren’t convinced, at the link below.

AirCooler turns hot dry air into cool moist air – Learn More Here >>


#12. Get $850 Worth* Of Security Equipment For Free* + $100 Visa Gift Card from ADT

Even when homeowners think they live in a safe neighborhood, they could be at risk for a burglary. If they find their possessions missing or damaged after a burglary, homeowners could file a claim with their insurance company. However, after experiencing a home theft several times, homeowners could see their insurance premiums rise.
The chance of a burglary is high. There were more than 2.1 million burglaries in 2012, the equivalent of one burglary every 15 seconds, according to, run by the Electronic Security Association.

Some of the immediate financial benefits of going with ADT:
1. You Might Lower Your Home Owners Insurance;
2. You Might Reduce your Tax Liability;
3. You Might Increase Your Home’s Value;
4. You Might Protect Your Home From Fire Damage;

$100 Visa Gift Card + $850 in Free Home Alarm Equipment – Sign Up Here >>


#13. Eliminate the monster in your power bill

Anyone who pays a power bill, whether an apartment renter or homeowner, can now choose clean energy and find savings with Arcadia Power. Arcadia Power uses technology and the aggregate buying power of over 100,000 members to buy clean energy and get exclusive low rates from the electricity market when available for its members. There’s no cost, equipment, contracts, or obligations to join! Simply connect your local utility account online – it takes 2 minutes.

Enjoy automatic savings on your monthly energy bill when you enroll in community solar, home efficiency, and price alerts!

Cut Your Electricity Bill & Save Big With Arcadia Power – Takes Only 2 Minutes! >>


#14. 18 Bottles of Fall Wines for only $99 with Free Shipping? Where Do I Sign?

Choose from 18 mixed, red or white bottles that have been hand chosen to pair perfectly with the fall season. This is one of the best deals yet we’ve seen on Splash Wines’ best selling fall wines from their private collection. You get 18 bottles and free shipping for only $99! That’s less than $6 per bottle for wines that retail for well over $15 per bottle delivered right to your doorstep!

18 Bottles of Fall Wines for $5.50 ea! Go Here >>


#15. They search their network of New Car Dealers – You receive discount Internet pricing!

Looking for a new vehicle? It can be a pain dealing with people all the time but there is no better place to take a look then through New Cars Direct. This is a great online tool which lets you compare and choose without people forcing your hand. There are always plenty of New Car options for you to take a look at, they also cover maintenance, safety, higher fuel efficiency with lower emissions, and much more. Be sure to choose the new car the suits your style!

They search their network of dealers – You receive discount Internet pricing here >>


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by David L. on Senior Mania
Achieving dreams and goals.

Every person – and every family – has specific dreams and expectations for the future. If you want to get where you want to be in life, you need to set aside some money. Maybe you have a goal of taking the family to Disney World for spring break, or maybe you just want to own your own home. By saving money, you better enable yourself to achieve those dreams and goals.

by Donald C. on Senior Mania
Invest in car maintenance.

Keeping your car engine tuned and its tires inflated to their proper pressure saves money in the long run. Doing both can save you up to $100 a year in gas.

by Roberto S. on Senior Mania
Refinance your mortgage.

Explore if you have the option to refinance your mortgage to a lower interest rate. On a 15-year $100,000 fixed-rate mortgage, lowering the rate from 7 percent to 6.5 percent can save you more than $5,000 in interest charges over the life of the loan. And, you will accumulate home equity more rapidly, thus increasing your ability to cover large emergency expenditures.

by Frank Anderson on Senior Mania
Turn off the lights.

Keeping the lights on in your home may not be expensive on a per-watt basis, but it sure does cost money over time. To save as much as you can, turn off lights any time you leave your house – or even when you leave the room. Turning off lights when you have plenty of natural sunlight can also help keep your electric bill down over time. The bottom line: If you aren’t using a light, turn it off.

by Eleanore Javier on Senior Mania
Saved money multiplies.

Even if you’re simply putting your money into a savings account that makes 3% in interest each year, that money will grow over time. If you seek out higher interest savings accounts, CDs, or other investments, you can see the saved money multiply even faster.

by Agnes S. on Senior Mania
Sign up for every free customer rewards program you can.

Create a Gmail or Yahoo address just for these mailings, collect every card you can, and then check that account for extra coupons whenever you’re ready to shop. You can add to those rewards and discounts by using rewards credit cards to earn points on purchases at a wide range of stores that can be redeemed for cash back or other benefits.

by Lee K on Senior Mania
Don't just save money, save.

There’s a difference between saving money and saving money for your future. So don’t just spend less, put the money you save into a savings account to plan for college expenses, retirement, or emergencies that can leave you financially better off.

by Gary L. on Senior Mania
Always ask for fees to be waived.

Any time you sign up for a service of any kind and there are sign-up fees, ask for them to be waived. Sometimes (but not always), they will be – and you save money just by being forthright about not wanting to pay excessive fees. I did this with my last cell phone sign-up and got them to wave the fees, lowering my bill significantly.

by Stacy Murphy on Senior Mania
Life is Full of Risk

God forbid you break your arm, or have a hernia, or detach your retina. These unfortunate, unforeseen accidents in life come with an even worse side effect, which is the bill you’ll have to pay for them. Whether it’s here in the United States, or in a country that already has universal health-care, the bill for these events will come to haunt you, in one way or another. What if you miss work because of these injuries? What if you can’t pay your monthly bills because of your missed time? Even if you’re salaried, and hopefully your boss is understanding, what happens when you can’t help around the house like you normally can and can’t afford daycare/a sitter/a nanny/a cleaning lady/etc. to take care of the house/kids?

by Frances Molinaro on Senior Mania
Future Expenditures

A house isn’t cheap. A car isn’t cheap. Children aren’t cheap. All of these things will cost you a lot of money, if you choose to have them in your life. In order to lessen the financial burden of these items in the future, saving money while your cost of living is low (relatively speaking) can free you up later in life in case you want to repaint your house, or rebuild the back porch, or replace the transmission in your car, or take the kiddos on a vacation during their spring break from school. Living paycheck to paycheck when you’re only responsible for yourself is difficult, but imagine you need electrical work done on your house, a new steering system in your car, and mouths to feed that aren’t yours that you’re responsible for. Obviously, having a little cushion of cash can go a long way. Not to mention if you want to help your child out with their college bill some day, if they decide it’s right for them.

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