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Hey You! Senior Mania has scored a partnership to bring you a whopping 45% discount on the sweetest shaving deal of all time! Get your Dollar shave club for a fiver.

1,080 Times Redeemed

What’s in the Starter Set

4 Executive Razor Cartridges

Executive & Amazing Handle

The Sh*t, Shower &
Shave Trial Kit

Bathroom Minutes for your pleasure

What’s Our Story?

We’re on a mission to help our Members look, feel, and shave like a million bucks – without the hassle. Because when you look and feel your best, you can be your best.


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Start Shaving As It Has Always Been Intended With This Senior Mania promotion. Get Started For Just $5.

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by Doris Brown on Senior Mania
Best of the best

i am a 23 year old Greek/Italian woman. For those of you who don't know what that means, my hair is very thick and very coarse. Though dollar shave club is directed towards men, I thought despite that, "heck cheap razors? I'll give it a try!" Let me tell you, I have used these razors for years and not once have I been disappointed. I have tried MANY razors throughout the years and not ONE has left my skin feeling as soft and smooth as these ones have. I have never felt more comfortable taking a razor to my sensitive areas. If you are looking for good affordable razors you have found the right place because regardless of your gender, these are the BEST you will find!

by Barbara Morgan on Senior Mania

I absolutely love the Dollar Shave Club. Not only do they give you quality products, but they also give you quality service. They are not only quick to handle any problems but the genuinely care about your service.

by Karen Kruse on Senior Mania
Almost too good to be true!!!!!

Never ever have I gotten such an amazing deal on razors, it's not even funny. I'm a bargain shopper definitely, to say the least, and I can't believe instagram had to tell me about this incredible deal. When I ordered it I was like, "this is going to fall apart but what the heck only 5 bucks." Was I wrong!!!!! Very great quality, great packaging, unisex, all different types of shaving, oral, and facial products. I love the shaving prescrub too, they give you a GREAT sample box with 3 butt wipes, 1 luxurious razor, and FOUR CARTRIDGES, with 2 awesome products ( I got shave butter and lavender body cleanser) that is unheard of. The fact it's good (actually best I've ever used) is the biggest plus when you are expecting a cheap razor, or not knowing what to expect for the price. I'm HOOKED! I'll never again pay almost 20$ ONLY for cartridges again, now I'm mad for all the times I did!!! The products are a big perk to me, if they only sent the razor and 4 CARTRIDGES I'd be more than excited. The website is one of the nicest websites I've ever navigated around. It's more than easy to use and best part they don't hastle you with emails!!! The website also makes you think that if the website is nice so are the products. Whether it's true or not; if they are able to pay for such high quality graphic design they are doing good for themselves. I could write a freaking novel I'll stop here. LOVE YOU DSC!!!!! FO LIFE! P.s. last thing I'd like to say is after I recieved this box I knew I wouldn't need another for a month with all the cartridges they give you! They have an option to skip a month and also I wanted to change my razor and it was so simple with no extra cost.

by Mary Willis on Senior Mania
Great products!

I ordered this for my husband and he loves them. I love that he has a close clean shave all the time. I don’t have to spend $20 on mediocre blades from the big stores and them not perform as well. I’m so impressed I have ordered an extra handle for my self to use. My son will also be getting a DSC subscription for Christmas this year.

by Dominic Smith on Senior Mania

i have tried every blade on the market and the DSC Executive Blade is the best I have ever found. When my wife was out of razors, she used my DSC razor and couldn't believe how effective it was. Just like me, she will be a DSC client for life!

by Lori Adams on Senior Mania
Saving money on band aids too!

I was skeptical but I thought what the heck I'll try it. I LOVE everything about this, my husband has his own and I have one and between the two of us we can't use the blades fast enough before we get new ones! Honestly no complaints!! Dollar Shave is awesome, I'm a customer for life and to anyone that hasn't tried them or isn't sure YOU'RE MISSING OUT you won't be disappointed! Thank you Dollar Shave for giving me one less thing to worry about keep up the awesomeness!!!

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